Traffic Light (FOX 2011, Liza Lapira, Kris Marshall)

Based on an Israeli show called Ramzor sitcom Traffic Light takes us into the world of friendship and romance as seen through the eyes of three friends who have been mates since college.

Mike is a lawyer and very much a family man, married to Lisa and with a young son, but he is also starting to feel a little stifled and feels he needs a bit of space; Adam has just moved in with girlfriend Callie and finding that living with some one is not as easy as having some one stay over; Meanwhile Ethan is a woman chasing highly determined bachelor whose dog Carl is more important to him than the women in his life.

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You don’t get too many US shows copying Israeli formats but there is much to enjoy in this grown up sitcom. It was adapted for the US by exec producer Bob Fisher from the original by Adir Miller. Incidentally Kris Marshall is the gangly UK actor who scored a splash in Love Actually.

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production details
USA | Fox | 13×21 minutes | Broadcast 8 February – 31 May 2011 Tuesdays @ 9.30pm

Executive Producers: Bob Fisher, David Hemingson, Adir Miller, Elad Kuperman, Avi Nir, Ran Sarig

Liza Lapira as Lisa Reilly
Kris Marshall as Ethan Wright
David Denman as Mike Reilly
Nelson Franklin as Adam
Aya Cash as Callie

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