When Heroes Fly (2018, Oded Fehr, Tomer Kapon)

Inspired by a bestselling novel, this dramatic thriller centres on four friends, war veterans of a Special Forces unit, who, eleven years after falling out, must reunite for one final and deeply personal rescue mission.

When they receive news that Yaeli, a former lover of one of the friends and sister of another – long believed to be dead – may still be alive, the four friends embark on a mission to find her. Their journey takes them deep into the heart of the Colombian jungle, where they soon realise that if they are to succeed in their search, each of them must first confront the trauma that tore them apart so many years before. For Yaeli ran as far as she could from the people she loved the most, to save herself from the shadow of death they cast upon her.

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Featuring breathtaking action sequences, When Heroes Fly is a fast-paced thriller centring on strong characters who have seen the dark side of life, and must walk through fire and brimstone once again in order to find peace. It’s about healing, second chances and loss, but, most of all, it’s about the power of life and the human strength to fight for it…

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production details
Country: Israel | Keshet – Spiro | 1×80 minutes 8×40 minutes
Release Year: 2018

Created, Directed and Written by : Omri Givon

Oded Fehr as Moshiko Boaron
Tomer Kapon as Aviv Danino
Moshe Ashkenazi as Yakir ‘Benda’ Ben-David
Michael Aloni as Dotan ‘Himler’ Friedman
Nadav Nates as Dov ‘Dubi’ Ashkenazi
Ninet Tayeb as Yaeli Ashkenazi
Gil Frank as Padre Palido
Dan Mor as Azulay
Yael Sharoni as Noga Avrahami

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