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All Star Comedy Carnival (ITV 1969-1973)



On The Buses

All Star Comedy Carnival was a series of five specials airing on Christmas Day on the ITV Network between 1969 and 1973. It was a show very similar to the BBC version Christmas Night With The Stars.

Each feature length edition featured short sketches from some of ITV’s most popular shows, including the likes of Doctor in the House, On The Buses, Please Sir, Man About The House and Love They Neighbour.

1969: (250 minute episodes/25 Dec/Thurs 6.00pm) Featuring:- Dr In the House, On the Buses, Please Sir, Mr Digby Darling, The Dustbinmen, Cribbins, Father Dear Father, Never Mind the Quality, Dear Mother…Love Albert, Two In Clover and Mike Yarwood.

1970: (250 minute episode/25 Dec/Fri 6.00pm) Featuring:-Girls About Town, The Worker,The Lovers, Hark at Barker, Dr in the House, Dear Mother …Love Albert, Albert and Victoria, For the Love of Ada, Cribbins, Father Dear Father, The Des O’Connor Show.

1971: MIKE AND BERNIE’S ALL STAR CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL (245 minute episode/25 Dec/Sat 6.05pm) Featuring:-Dr at Large, The Lovers, And Mother Makes Three, His ‘N’ Hers, Please Sir!, The Fenn Street Gang, Girls About Town, Dear Mother …Love Albert, Sez Les, Lollipop Loves Mr Mole, Father Dear Father.

1972: (105 minute episode/25Dec/Mon 5.45pm) Featuring:-Love Thy Neighbour, On the Buses,Nearest and Dearest, Thirty Minutes Worth, Sez Les, The Fenn Street Gang, Father Dear Father.

1973: (90 minute episode/25 Dec/Tues 6.30pm) Man About the House, My Good Woman, Sez Les, Billy Liar, Spring and Autumn, Dr In Charge.

UK / ITV / 5 Editions / 1969-73