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Hassan (Theatre Parade BBC 1937 with Greer Garson and Frank Cellier)



UK / BBC / 1×40 and 1×35 minute episodes / 1937 black and white

Writer: James Elroy Flecker / Design :Peter Bax / Music: Hyam Greenbaum, Delius / Producer: George More O’Ferrall

Drama. The Arabian nights style story of Hassan of Baghdad. This live production, which starred soon to be Hollywood star Greer Garson presented scenes from the play.

Greer Garson as Yasmin
Frank Cellier as Hassan, A Confectioner
John Wyse as Rafi, King of the Beggars
D. A. Clarke Smith as The Caliph Haroun Ar Raschid
Ivan Samson as Ishak, His Minstrel
Boris Ranevsky as Jafar, His Vizier
Robert Adams as Masrur, His Executioner
Eric Fort as Leader of the Beggars
George Carr as Chief of Police
Antoinette Cellier as Pervaneh