Classic TV Episodes: Get Smart – The Groovy Gurus

Get Smart - The Groovy Gurus

Get Smart was always ready to poke fun at both itself and the world around it but would you believe the far-out opening of “The Groovy Guru”?

Agent 86 (Don Adams) — wearing a Beatles wig, shades, and a Nehru shirt, and brandishing a sign exclaiming “Drop Out!” — exchanges passwords with a courier. What he doesn’t know is that the courier actually works for evil KAOS’s newest recruit, a renegade disc jockey (F Troop’s Larry Storch) who’s planning to use subliminal messages in songs to brainwash teens into overthrowing the establishment!

Of course, Max and 99 (Barbara Feldon) stop this fiendish plan — but not before we get to see 99 frug madly amid a psychedelic light show. Groovy, man.

Original Airdate: January 13, 1968

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