Apollo Gauntlet (Adult Swim 2017)

Apollo Gauntlet Adult Swim

Inspired by He-Man, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the work of David Lynch, self-taught, independent Canadian animator Myles Langlois created Apollo Gauntlet, a quarter-hour animated adventure comedy series set in a futuristic medieval society.

The series centers around Paul Cassidy, an ordinary cop on Earth, but when the evil Dr. Benign transports him to another world, he becomes a new kind of hero. With the help of a magical suit and a set of talking gauntlets, he’s able to fight crime exactly the way he wants…and he’ll do it as Apollo Gauntlet!

key behind the scenes crew
Myles Langlois as Creator/Executive Producer

show type
Animated comedy

broadcast from
Monday 10 July 2017

network and production companies
Adult Swim – Six Point Harness


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