Harry (ABC 1987, Alan Arkin, Thom Bray)

Sitcom detailing the exploits of Harry Porschak who worked as a supply clerk at County General Hospital. Harry always had an eye on the main chance and came into regular conflict with the officious Nurse Duckett and administrator Lawrence Pendleton.

Alan Arkin as Harry Porschak
Thom Bray as Lawrence Pendelton
Matt Craven as Bobby Kratz
Barbara Dana as Dr. Sandy Clifton
Kurt Knudson as Wyatt Lockhart
Richard Lewis as Richard Breskin
Holland Taylor as Ina Duckett, R. N.

crew details
Writers: Ken Finkleman, Ben Gramin, Gary Jacobs, David Tyron KIng, Alan Mendel, Rich Orloff, H. Schireson
Creator: Susan Kramer
Devisor: Gary Jacobs

production details
Country: USA
Studio: ABC
Duration: 30 minutes
Aired From: 4-25 March 1987 (7 episodes with 4 unaired)

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