Last Panthers, The (2015, Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim)

Last Panthers

The Last Panthers opens with a daring diamond heist bearing all the hallmarks of a gang known as the Pink Panthers. But the tragic death of a little girl during the raid sets a collision course in motion involving a British insurance agent (Morton), a French-Algerian cop (Rahim) and a Serbian diamond thief (Bogdan).

“The Last Panthers” plunges its audience into a modern-day Europe gripped by new forms of crime on an epic scale. As the plot follows its players across the continent from France to Serbia to the UK, the interplay between traffickers in jewels and drugs, European officials, war criminals and city bankers reveals shocking conspiracies connecting those in power to even the lowliest criminals.

Samantha Morton as Naomi Franckom
Tahar Rahim as Khalil Rachedi
Goran Bogdan as Milan Celik
John Hurt as Tom Kendle
Igor Bencina as Zlatko Mladic
Nikola Djuricko as Milomir Bukva
Natasha O’Keeffe as Kirsty
Farida Rahouadj as Fatima
Kamel Labroudi as Mokhtar Rachedi
Nikola Rakocevic as Adnan Celik
Kobna Holdbrook-Smit as James Davis
Yann Ebonge as Young Nadim
Adama Niane as Nadim
David Dencik as Guillaume von Reeth
Boris Isakovic as Dragan Tosic
Karim Leklou as Franck
Olivier Rabourdin as Roman Riochet
Camélia Jordana as Samira
Carl Malapa as Young Khalil
Patrick Azam as Manu Jimenez
Chloe Pirrie as Carla
Jihed Chaouch as Young Khalil
Ismir Gagula as Young Milan
Luka Jovanovic as Young Adnan
Joseph Mawle as Michael
Gordan Kicic as Damir Soskic
Pavle Cemerikic as Young Zlatko
Juana Acosta as Julia
Enzo Azerou as Young Mokhtar
Ljubomir Bandovic as Jamezdin
Bojan Dimitrijevic as Pev Begic
Corinne Masiero as The Judge
Alexis Manenti as Rajko Popovic
Ivan Ribar as Matthias Grunnert
Didier Bourguignon as Georges Belair
Anthony Deroche as Cop Margot

production details
Country: UK, France
Studio: Sky
Year of Release: 2015
Duration: 60 minutes

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