Life With Bonnie (ABC 2002-2004, Bonnie Hunt, David Alan Grier)

Life With Bonnie Cast

Bonnie Hunt brings the same accessibility she brought to the films Jerry Maguire, Jumanji and Return to Me to her family series Life with Bonnie, in which she portrays Bonnie Molloy, a woman who juggles the roles of wife, mother and host of the local morning talk show, Morning Chicago.

In the series, Hunt’s improvisational skills shine during unscripted interviews with real-life guests of Morning Chicago. Bonnie’s guest stars have included such high profile celebrities as Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters and David Duchovny, among others, and Mr. Winters and Mr. Duchovny both received Emmy nominations for their roles. The unscripted segments of the talk show, along with the talented cast of regulars, make for a truly unique comedy mix.

The Life with Bonnie cast includes the gifted and funny David Alan Grier as David Bellows, the producer who struggles with the daily challenges of Bonnie. He’s aided by the makeup and cue card artists, played by Holly Wortell and Chris Barnes, veterans of the famed Second City improvisational group. Anthony Russell portrays Tony Russo, Bonnie’s sidekick piano player, who comes straight to her show from his Vegas lounge act.

At home, Gloria (Marianne Muellerleile) is a houseguest more than a housekeeper. Bonnie’s husband, Mark (Mark Derwin), is a hard working family practice doctor who does his best to survive life with Bonnie. Together they are raising two young children, Charlie (Charlie Stewart) and toddler Connor, not to mention the frequent visits from next-door neighbor little Frankie (Frankie Ryan Manriquez), as Bonnie creatively balances family commitment and career obligations with sincerity and humor.

production details
USA / ABC / 44×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 September 2002 – 9 April 2004

Creators and Executive Producers: Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake

Bonnie Hunt as Bonnie Molloy
David Alan Grier ass David Bellows
Anthony Russell as Tony Russo
Holly Wortell
Chris Barnes
Marianne Muellerleile as Gloria
Mark Derwin as Mark
Charlie Stewart as Charlie
Frankie Ryan Manriquez as Frankie

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