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Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… Rowdy’ Roddy Piper (REELZ Sunday February 5, 2023)



Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...

Today Sunday February 5, 2023, there is a new episode of Autopsy: The Last Hours Of….

Rowdy’ Roddy Piper After enduring a difficult upbringing, Roddy eventually became as well-known as Hulk Hogan during the Wrestlemania era. Roddy was the major attraction in the wrestling world, but he was subjected to a lot of physical and emotional abuse, so he turned to a poisonous mix of steroids, painkillers, booze, and cocaine to help him cope with the hardships he faced. Even though Roddy famously said he wouldn’t live to be 65, was his wrestling lifestyle really the primary cause of his untimely death? Or did other, unseen forces have a role? Dr. Michael Hunter, a renowned forensic pathologist, examines every aspect of Roddy Piper’s life to determine what happened to his body.

Airdate: Sunday February 5, 2023 at 23:00 on REELZ

Season 2023 Episode 2

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… is a documentary series that reveals the truth behind the controversial deaths of global icons and people whose untimely deaths were surrounded by scandal and intense media attention. Fact and fiction are forever separated through reconstructions of their final hours using crucial medical evidence from the actual autopsies to explain how and why they died while interviews with friends and family shed light on the events that led to death—finally putting an end to the speculation.

Featured image credit: REELZ