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City on a Hill: A Program of Complete Disorder (S3EP2 Showtime Sunday August 7, 2022)



A Program of Complete Disorder: When Victoria Dryden flees her house, Sinclair assigns Jackie to track her down. Considering that another Strike Force member may have killed BPD Officer Russ Wallace on purpose, Caysen is seeking justice for him. At the Brooklyn home of the Wards, where Decourcy is taking care of his ailing father, the incident leads to a heated argument. Siobhan is developing a case for her impaled client while she is dealing with a growing number of symptoms. Diarmuid Doyle tries to assist Jenny in resolving her issue, but his strategy fails. 

Airdate: Sunday August 7, 2022 at 22:00 on Showtime

Season 3 Episode 2

In the early 1990s, Boston was rife with violent criminals emboldened by local law enforcement agencies in which corruption and racism was the norm – and then it all changed in what was called the "Boston Miracle". In this fictional account, Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward comes from Brooklyn and forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rohr. Together, they take on a family of armored car robbers in a case that grows to involve, and ultimately subvert, the entire criminal justice system of Boston.