Crime of Passion: Catherine (ITV 16 Mar 1970, Felicity Kendal)

In the opening episode of anthology series Crime of Passion country girl Catherine feels that despite being married into a well to do family is looked down upon because of her upbringing – but is that enough reason to commit murder.

Written by series creator Ted Willis Catherine sets out the series stall well, a mix of court-room drama and the lead up to what has brought us here. Apparently the series mostly used real life stories as the basis for it’s episodes.

There was a short piece in the TV Times (14 Mar 70) focusing on Felicity Kendal and also about how accurate they were trying to be in terms of set design with the court room being authentic even down to the door knobs. Anthony Newland’s judges robes were also actual French judges robes.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 16 March 1970 at 9.00pm

Writer: Ted Willis / Production Design: Byan Holgate, Michael Eve / Director: Valerie Hanson

Series: Crime of Passion Season 1 Episode 1

Felicity Kendal as Catherine
Michael Johnson as Roger Pinet
Anthony Newlands as President of Court
John Phillips as Maitre Lacan
Daniel Moynihan as Maitre Saval
David Garth as Paul Pinet
Anthea Holloway as Leone Pinet
Sue Lloyd as Gaby Servan
Charles Stapley as Arman Servan
Caroline Rogers as Estelle
Desmond Cullum-Jones as Clerk
Peggy Scrimshaw as Jurywoman
Joe Ritchie as Juryman
Karl Howard as Gendarme
Ben Richardson as Attorney

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