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Thunderbirds (ITV Scifi, Sylvia Anderson, David Graham)



Thunderbirds ITV Scifi

Supermarionation series Thunderbirds detailed the amazing exploits of the staff of International Rescue, a family run organisation based on their own (Tracy) island and dedicated to keeping evil at bay.

The family was head by Jeff Tracy who had five sons Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John. Brains was the man responsible for the teams vehicles.

The team had different vehicles they could call upon depending on the case. These were:- Thunderbird 1 ( A Rocket piloted by Scott). Thunderbird 2 (The Green carrier type craft piloted by Virgil) Thunderbird 3 ( Spaceship Piloted by Alan). Thunderbird 4 (submarine piloted by Gordon) and Thunderbird 5 ( space satellite manned by John).

Also involved was six wheeled pink rolls royce owning Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her chauffeur Parker. Number plate of Lady P’s Rolls Royce was FAB 1.

Two movies were also made in the mid sixties these were Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird Six. The series, which has always been held in high affection had a well made live action made for the big screen in the mid 2000’s and was revived in 2014 for a fully CGI version which so far doesn’t seem to have captured the imagination the way this version did.

Voice Cast: SYLVIA ANDERSON as Lady Penelope; RAY BARRETT as John/The Hood; PETER DYNELY as Jeff Tracy; DAVID GRAHAM as Gordon/Brains/Parker/Kryano; CHRISTINE FINN as Tin Tin; SHANE RIMMER as Scott; DAVID HOLLIDAY as Virgil

Creators and Producers: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson / Special Effects: Derek Meddings / Producer: Reg Hill

UK / ITV – ITC – ATV / 32×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1965-66