Four In A Bed “Hotel of Wizardry, Great Yarmouth” (Channel 4 Thursday 23 March 2023)



Four In A Bed

Four In A Bed airs a new episode tonight Thursday 23 March 2023 on Channel 4.

“Hotel of Wizardry, Great Yarmouth” In their final visit of the week, the B&B guests will be staying at Darren and Jamie’s Hotel of Wizardry, which is styled after wizards and is located in the beautiful and mysterious realm of… Great Yarmouth. Even while the hotel’s peculiarities initially captivate their attention, customers quickly lose interest when they realise that something is awry. Even after being charmed by a plentiful meal once again, Darren and Jamie find themselves regretting the feedback of their rivals.

Airdate: Thursday 23 March 2023 at 5.00pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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