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Game, Set, Love Premieres Sat August 27 on Hallmark



In Game, Set, Love, Taylor (Williams), a former professional tennis player, reluctantly agrees to coach Will (Harmon), a new doubles partner for Ashley (Jennifer Khoe), who needs to rebuild his reputation and career. Although Will and Taylor don’t get along at first, she’s surprised to see another side of him. Even more unexpectedly, Taylor finds herself joining Will in the tournament after Ashley is forced to withdraw due to an injury. The pair discovers they might be a perfect match as they prepare to compete.

Cast: Davida Williams (Taylor Morrison), Richard Harmon (Will Campbell), Tracy Austin (Tracy Austin), Roger Cross (David Morrison), Jennifer Khoe (Ashley Wong), Matthew Kevin Anderson (Barry), Casey Manderson (Shane Landers), Cameron McDonald (Bill Campbell), Catherine Barroll (Marcia Campbell), Andres Joseph (Juan Carlos), Rehan Malik (Arjun), Juliette Hawk (Mia), Marco Soriano (Gunther), Sophia Oni (Young Taylor), Brittany Alexis Palmer (Vanessa), Yvonne Schall (Bella Santos), Shiraine Haas (Katrina Hampton), Jeff Mohs (Chair Umpire), Claudia Chan (Dr. Chen), Jayden Nielsen (Zola Nagy), Noah Yagi (Lazlo Vastog), Michael Sousa (Front Desk Clerk), Sofia Kresta (Natlia Kolar), Jacob Rauma (Jack Roberts)

Airdate: Saturday August 27, 2022 at 8.00pm on Hallmark.