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I Literally Just Told You: Season 2 Premiere (S2EP1 Channel 4 Friday 30 September 2022)



Season 2 Premiere

This game show is hosted by Jimmy Carr, and the questions and answers are literally written as the show is going on. The contestants must maintain their concentration and recall what they saw and heard just moments earlier because each right response increases the amount of money in their prize pool. The final two contestants quiz one another in the dramatic finale.

Airdate: Friday 30 September 2022 at 22:00 on Channel 4

Season 2 Episode 1

I Literally Just Told You is the only game show in history where the contestants are given every answer with the questions written, literally, as the show is happening. You just need to pay attention to everything that’s going on.

With each correct answer adding more cash to their prize pot, can the competitors keep their focus and remember the things they’ve seen and heard just minutes before?

In the dramatic finale, the remaining two contestants set each other questions. It’s a chaotic battle of wits.