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Made in Chelsea: Episode 7 (S23EP7 E4 Mon 16 May 2022)



Everyone is still in total shock about Maeva’s failed proposal to James – and nobody more so than James himself. But emotions run higher than ever when James finds out that not only did Maeva tell her ex Miles beforehand, but Miles told Maeva he didn’t want her to propose and started crying! A furious James seeks out Miles to find out what this all means. Will these revelations mean the end for James and Maeva’s relationship?

Elsewhere, while Digby is feeling confused about whether he made the right decision to split up with Emma, Tristan is eyeing their recent break-up as an opportunity to lay his feelings for Emma bare. But where is Emma’s head at?

And has Digby dithered for too long? Meanwhile, following his break-up with Inga, Sam Prince is not wasting any time and hangs out with his new ‘friend’ Verity. But what is – and what isn’t – acceptable on a mate date? And how will Inga react when she sees the two of them together at Paris’ sexy lace and leather party?

Exec Prods: David Granger, Nazleen Karim, Leonie Joss; Series Dir: Sarah Carnie; Dir: Eddie Lewis; Prod Co: Monkey Kingdom

The next episode will be available as a first look on All 4 straight after the transmission of this one.

Airdate: Mon 16 May 2022 at 21:00 on E4

Season 23 Episode 7

A look at the lifestyles of a group of 20-something residents of the exclusive postcode in London, Chelsea, SW3.