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Maryland: Premiere airs Monday 22 May 2023 on ITV

Becca and Rosaline, two sisters who are raised by their father in Manchester and London, respectively, receive the most devastating news imaginable regarding their mother, Mary. They are sent to the Isle of Man, where their mother is leading a double life they were never aware of. The sisters have gone their separate ways and are now further apart than they’ve ever been. As they deal with the grief and disbelief caused by their mother’s secretive actions, old wounds are reopened and tensions rise to the surface.

Despite the weight of the news about their mother, the sisters keep up with their own struggles. Like any other institution, Becca and Jim’s marriage is showing signs of wear and tear. And their daughter Molly, who is driving them absolutely crazy. While this is going on, Rosaline experiences another health scare that causes stress and brings up old fears. Despite their best efforts to keep up appearances, the sisters are unable to share any part of themselves with one another.

Maryland is a three-part relationship drama written by Anne-Marie O’Connor and starring Suranne Jones, who won the British Academy Film and Television Award and the Royal Television Society’s Television Actress of the Year for their respective roles.

Jones (Gentleman Jack, Save Me, Vigil) is joined by an all-star cast that includes Oscar nominee Stockard Channing (The Good Wife, The West Wing), critically acclaimed actor Eve Best (House of the Dragon, Nurse Jackie), and others. Jones’ company, TeamAkers Productions, along with Monumental Television (Harlots, Ghosts, Murder in Provence), an ITV Studios label, produced the drama.

After growing apart as Becca (Jones) and Rosaline (Best) moved forward with their lives, the discovery of their mother’s body on the Isle of Man brought them back together. While keeping their own secrets from one another, the sisters begin to uncover their mother’s long-held secrets after she arrives in a place they have never been and without any explanation for her presence there. Can Becca and Rosaline rediscover their love for one another while imprisoned on the island and facing the life-altering consequences of their mother’s decisions?

Hugh Quarshie (Stephen, Riches), Dean Lennox Kelly (Tom Jones, Jamestown), and Andrew Knott (Ackley Bridge, Tin Star) also star as Richard, their father, in Maryland. George Costigan (Gentleman Jack, Happy Valley) plays Richard. Cathy, portrayed by Channing, is their mother’s larger than life friend.

Season 1 Episode 1

In Maryland, Becca and her sister, Rosaline, have forged ahead with family lives and careers, growing distant through time and circumstance. But when the body of an older woman is discovered at sunrise on Laxey Beach in the Isle of Man, it brings devastating news for the sisters.

Each sister flies out to the Isle of Man to discover and repatriate the body of their mother, Mary, who they learn has been living a double life, leaving their father Richard at home in Manchester, whilst creating another world for herself….. Maryland. Confined on the island with each other, the sisters can’t escape the ripple effect of their mother’s secrets and lies.

What time is Maryland: Premiere on tonight

Maryland: Premiere airs Monday 22 May 2023 at 06:00 on ITV

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