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Money Court 5 Million Dollars to Walk Away (CNBC Wednesday December 7)



Money Court

Today Wednesday December 7, the show Money Court airs a new episode called 5 Million Dollars to Walk Away.

Partners disagree over whether to devote their time and money to local expansion or national franchising; a board member and investor disagree with the CEO of the company; a successful company from Season 1 is back with a new problem.


Wednesday December 7 at 22:00 on CNBC

Season 2 Episode 2

Kevin O’Leary presides over a wide range of financial disputes – from estranged business partners battling over a deal gone sour to siblings falling out over their family business. What all the cases have in common are high stakes, real money and an agreement by the participants to abide by Kevin’s ruling. Together with veteran trial attorney Katie Phang and former Judge Ada Pozo, he’ll carefully consider all sides of a case, examine all relevant evidence, and ultimately deliver financial justice!

Featured image credit: CNBC