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The Santa Clauses Across the Yule-Verse (Disney+ Wednesday December 7, 2022)



The Santa Clauses

Today Wednesday December 7, 2022 the show The Santa Clauses airs a new episode called Across the Yule-Verse.

Scott is brought to the Yule-verse where he discovers the real story behind how he became Santa. As more elves start to vanish and the spirit of Christmas is all but destroyed, things at the North Pole continue to get worse.

In order to save Christmas, Scott leaves the Yule-verse once more and travels to the North Pole with Noel. He tries to escape, but Simon quickly apprehends him.

To assist Scott, Carol, Cal, and Sandra rush back to the North Pole.

With Tim Allen (Scott Calvin / Santa Claus), Elizabeth Mitchell (Carol Calvin / Mrs. Claus), Kal Penn (Simon Choksi), Elizabeth Allen-Dick (Sandra Calvin), Austin Kane (Cal Calvin), Rupali Redd (Grace Choksi), Devin Bright (Noel), Matilda Lawler (Betty), David Krumholtz (Bernard),


Today, Wednesday December 7, 2022, the episode Across the Yule-Verse airs at 3.00am on Disney+.

Season 1 Episode 5

The Santa Clauses – After nearly three decades of being Santa Claus, Scott Calvin’s magic begins to falter. As he struggles to keep up with the demands of the job, Scott discovers a new clause that forces him to re-think his role as Santa and as a father.

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