Secret Restoration Rock, Fire, and Roll (History Wednesday December 14, 2022)



Secret Restoration

Today Wednesday December 14, 2022, the show Secret Restoration airs a new episode called Rock, Fire, and Roll.

Rock, Fire, and Roll Alfred repairs a Fender Mustang guitar for a wife to give to her husband; Dave restores a cast-iron stove; Sara polishes an old desk; PJ revives an old golf cart.

Airdate: Wednesday December 14, 2022 at 22:00 on History

Season 1 Episode 6

Inside a century-old tool factory in New England, a group of the nation’s top restorers and craftsmen have come together to make dreams come true. They repair and restore family heirlooms and precious items in secret, and then reveal them to unsuspecting recipients. Each episode of Secret Restoration will unearth surprising history, hidden details, and bring to life people’s most treasured possessions.

Featured image credit: History

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