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Star Trek: Prodigy: Crossroads (Thursday November 17, 2022 Paramount+)



Star Trek: Prodigy

Today Thursday November 17, 2022 the show Star Trek: Prodigy airs an episode called Crossroads on Paramount+.

In Crossroads, the crew accidentally runs into the Vice Admiral who is after them when they try to arrange transportation to the Federation.

Written By: Lisa Schultz Boyd
Directed By: Steve In Chang Ahn & Sung Shin

Cast: Brett Gray (Dal (voice)), Ella Purnell (Gwyn (voice)), Jason Mantzoukas (Jankom Pog (voice)), Angus Imrie (Zero (voice)), Rylee Alazraqui (Rok-Tahk (voice)), Dee Bradley Baker (Murf (voice)), Jimmi Simpson (Drednok (voice)), John Noble (Diviner (voice)), Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway (voice)),

Airdate: Thursday November 17, 2022 on Paramount+.

Season 1 Episode 14

In search of a better future, a motley crew of young, rebellious aliens commandeer an old Starfleet ship and must learn how to cooperate while navigating a larger galaxy. These six young misfits have no knowledge of the ship they have taken over, but through their joint adventures, they will each learn about Starfleet and the principles it stands for.