Station 19 Could I Leave You? (ABC Thursday March 23, 2023)



Station 19

Today Thursday March 23, 2023, there is a new episode of Station 19.

Could I Leave You? After Tomás’ barbershop burns down, the crew must make a decision that could have devastating consequences. When Diane stops by, she and Carina are recalled to duty with Vic. Beckett settles on an option for his future.

Airdate: Thursday March 23, 2023 at 20:00 on ABC

Season 6 Episode 11

In Seattle, all firefighters are also trained EMTs and the crew at Station 19 is second to none. Working in 24-hour shifts, these professionals spend so much time together that they build relationships unlike any others. Station 19 follows a group of heroic firefighters at Seattle Fire Station 19 – from captain to newest recruit – as they risk their lives and hearts both in the line of duty and off the clock. These brave men and women are like family, literally and figuratively, and together they put their own lives in jeopardy as first responders to save the lives of others.

Featured image credit: ABC

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