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The Brothers: The Self Made Cross (BBC-1 13 Apr 1975 with Margaret Ashcroft)



UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 13 April 1975

Writer: N.J. Crisp / Production Design: Charles Bond / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Series: The Brothers / Season 5 Episode 2

In The Self Made Cross David is slowly coming to terms with Jill’s death in a car accident three months before but he is decidedly unwilling to get behind the wheel of a vehicle again; Brian is still struggling to cope with the divorce and Ted and Jen are once again trying to make a tentative go of their relationship. The board also meet to decide whether to invite Paul Merroney to take over as Chairman of Hammonds.


From here on in Paul Merroney begins to exert his unswayable influence over Hammond Transport. What’s very clever about Colin Baker’s playing of Merroney is the way that it is so understated. You can see that there is steely determination there but it’s all very subtle. There’s a big shock at the end of the episode too when Brian breaks down completely in his doctor’s office.

guest cast
CAROLE MOWLAM as Clare Miller
STANLEY MEADOWS as Garage Foreman
MICHAEL ELWYN as Doctor Ivan

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