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What’s Happening On Dr. Phil Today Thursday August 18, 2022, on CBS



Dr. Phil Today Thursday August 18, 2022, on CBS; Two young women claim to have severe phobias that have taken over every aspect of their lives. First of all, Bethany declares that she is terrified of every pregnant woman! She claims that even the sight of a pregnant woman causes her to have a severe panic attack. She claims that becoming pregnant herself is her greatest fear, and she goes to great lengths to prevent what she refers to as a “unfathomable” situation.

Then Victoria claims that she is terrified of eating or touching gluten and that she is unable to travel, attend parties, or eat in restaurants. Victoria claims that she reacts violently to gluten and avoids it at all costs, including by withholding her kiss from her boyfriend if she thinks he’s eaten bread or pasta. Can Dr. Phil offer any help?

Airdate: Thursday August 18, 2022 at 3.00pm on CBS.

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