Drag Race UK Series 4 | Meet Copper Topp

Copper Topp, 38, Cheltenham

Pronouns out of drag: He / Him / They / Them 

Pronouns in drag: She / Her 

Tell us about yourself? 

I’m Copper Topp, I’m 38 and I am the feel good ginger of drag! And now I’m a Ru Girl and on top of a mountain! 

How would you describe your drag in three words? 

The first word would be “pantomime”. I love a bit of pantomime. The second would be camp and the third, ginger because I am ginger! 

What is a Copper Topp drag show like? 

Well, first and foremost it’s very camp and physical! 

Nobody expects it when a camp bird like me is singing and then suddenly jumps into the splits and everybody is gagged. You’re gonna laugh until you wet yourself and by the end of that night, you will probably slide into my DMs because let’s face it, she’s gorgeous! 

Who or what inspires your drag? 

There are four people who inspire my drag. The first is Victoria Wood and the second is Julie Walters. I’m obsessed with them. And the third and fourth has to be The Cheeky Girls!  

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How long have you being doing drag? 

I’ve been doing drag for nearly four years and I know that this year is going to be a vintage year! 

Why drag?

I was always prancing around the house with a t-shirt on my head feeling fabulous and it only took me 38 years to start feeling fabulous again! I love singing. I love acting. I love performing and drag allows me to do every single bit of that.  

Do you have a Drag Race UK game plan?

I’m an old school queen, and I plan on being the campest queen. I love a look. Yes, I love a dip. Yes, I love jumping into the splits but it’s all about comedy and camp and serving it to the world.  I love to sing. I rarely lip sync but don’t worry, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Those girls better watch out! 

Why should you be the next UK’s Drag Race Superstar?

I’ve got it all. I can act, I can sing. I can dance. I can host unlike anybody else. Drag is for everybody no matter how old you are and I’m repping it for the old fogies!

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