Drag Race UK Series 4 | Meet Danny Beard

Danny Beard, 29, Liverpool

Pronouns out of drag: They / Them

Pronouns in drag: She or They

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Danny Beard, I’m 29 and I’m from Liverpool. I am a sassy, shady, singing cartoon clown!

Describe your drag in three words?

Sassy, shady and stunning!

You’re the first bearded queen to appear on Drag Race UK. How does it feel?

I’m a Ru Girl! I can’t believe it! I love having a beard, mixing genders and putting them in the blender. My drag is about throwing the rulebook out the window.

What’s a Danny Beard show like?

I work all around the country on the cabaret scene mixing club kid aesthetic with old school drag performance style. At my shows you get live vocals, interactive comedy and an hour’s worth of entertainment for a very reasonable fee!

I like to belt out Adele and finish on a big Queen number. The thing that makes people want to come back to my shows is my singing. I love it and if anyone wants to book me…

Who or what inspires your drag?

My biggest drag inspiration is Leigh Bowery who was a club kid from the 80s, I love him. I’ve got a tattoo of him on my arm. He pushed the boundaries of fashion. He pushed the boundaries of drag, and he pushed the boundaries of queer culture and I love a boundary pusher.

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How long have you been doing drag and what are your career highlights?

I’ve been doing drag for about 10 years. You name it, I’ve done it! I’ve got residencies in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff. I’ve performed around the world, and headlined Pride festivals across the country. I’ve also done a bit of television including Britain’s Got Talent!

What’s the drag scene like where you live?

I live in Manchester but I’m from Liverpool. I’m lucky enough to work on so many of the UK’s drag scenes, but in Manchester, the drag scene is so vibrant – it gives you licence to be whoever you want to be.

Why Drag Race UK?

I’m here to be better. I want to leave the other side of Drag Race UK transformed. I want to show the world my whole self. I’m ready to show them that I can act, I can sing, I’m funny and I’ve got a big heart. I know I’ve got the minerals. I just hope I can hack the intensity and not get in my head. If they want me to change it up, I’ll change it up. Honestly, I am so nervous and excited to be on Drag Race UK. I can feel a fart brewing!

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Why do you deserve to be crowned the UK’s Next Drag Race Superstar?

Drag Race is a dream making machine and I’m here to make my dreams come true. There has never been a bearded Queen on Drag Race UK and I am making herstory with my hairy chinny chin chin. I’m here for a laugh and… plus, I’m the best!

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