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An Act of Murder (Universal 1948, Fredric March, Edmond O’Brien)



Frederic March plays an unyielding judge with a dying wife who decides on suicide for himself and euthanasia for her. She is killed in his drive off a cliff but he survives and confesses to murder. O’Brien successfully defends him by establishing a mercy-killing defense.

Fredric March and Florence Eldridge, who play husband and wife in An Act of Murder (1948), were married in real life. They also costarred as spouses in Another Part of the Forest and Inherit the Wind (1960).

production details
USA | Universal | 91 minutes | 1948

Director: Michael Gordon
Producer: Jerry Bresler
Original Story: Ernst Lothar
Cinematography: Hal Mohr
Editor: Ralph Dawson
Music: Daniele Amfitheatrof
Script: Michael Blankfort, Robert Thoeren

Fredric March as Judge Calvin Cooke
Edmond O’Brien as David Douglas
Florence Eldridge as Catherine Cooke
Geraldine Brooks as Ellie Cooke
Stanley Ridges as Doctor Walter Morrison
John McIntire as Judge Ogden
Will Wright as Judge Jim Wilder
Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Russell
Clarence Muse as Mr. Pope