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Angel Eyes (2001, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Caviezel)



Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez) is a tough Chicago cop, driven by a sense of duty and justice, but whose life is otherwise empty. Catch (Jim Caviezel) is a loner who lives in a bare apartment, runs errands for his disabled neighbour Elanora (Shirley Knight) and otherwise just walks the streets. Which is how he’s able to intervene in a shoot-out and save Sharon’s life. The two begin a relationship but, as it grows, so there are hints that somewhere in the past, the two have met before, possibly in tragic circumstances…

Mexican director Luis Mandoki brings a subtlety to this drama, slowly releasing the clues the viewer needs to work out the couple’s past meeting while the two leads bind the film together – Lopez proves with the depth of her performance that she isn’t just a pretty face but an accomplished actress (she’s now forgiven for Gigli) while Caviezel, most recently seen as Jesus in The Passion of Christ, brings a similar other-worldliness to his role, somewhat akin to Robin Williams’ character in The Fisher King but without the histrionics. As both come to terms with their troubled pasts, so their future happiness is threatened in this absorbing, often tense drama whose occasional other-worldly feel lends it a suitable air of mystery.

production details
USA | 102 minutes | 2001

Director: Luis Mandoki
Script: Gerald Di Pego,

Jennifer Lopez as Sharon Pogue
Jeremy Sisto as Larry Pogue Sr.
Chuck Campbell as Young Man
Jim Caviezel as Steven “Catch” Lambert
Matt Birman as Driver
Jeremy Ratchford as Ray Micigliano
Peter MacNeill as Lieutenant Dennis Sanderman
Terrence Howard as Robby
Sônia Braga as Josephine Pogue
Victor Argo as Carl Pogue
Monet Mazur as Kathy Pogue
Shirley Knight as Elanora Davis
Daniel Magder as Larry Pogue, Jr.
Guylaine St-Onge as Annie Lambert
Connor McAuley as Max Lambert
Eldridge Hyndman as Jamal
Kari Matchett as Candace
Michael Cameron as Charlie
Marcello Thedford as Peebo
Dave Cox as K-Dog
Ron Payne as Priest
Dan Petronijevic as Fighting Kid
Stephen T. Kay as Tony Pindella
Grant Nickalls as Joe
Stephanie Moore as Officer Vanessa
Darren Marsman as Suspect
Brian Jagersky as Police Officer