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Bohemian Girl, The (MGM 1936, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy)



Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy bring their legendary comic abilities to this adaptation of Michael William Balfe’s operetta about a band of gypsies who kidnap a royal child and raise her as their own. When the girl grows into a young woman (played by Jacqueline Wells), gypsies Laurel and Hardy must save her after her father’s guard apprehends her. Although it’s full of classic Laurel and Hardy banter and slapstick, Bohemian Girl has a tragic background: It is the final film for Thelma Todd, who died, under suspicious conditions, at age 30 from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The role of young Arline was played by Darla Hood, a regular in the Our Gang ‘Little Rascals’ comedies. She made her first Our Gang appearance one year earlier, at age 4.

production details
USA / MGM / 74 minutes / 1936

Directors: James W. Horne, Charles Rogers
Producer: Hal Roach
Original Story: Balfe
Cinematography: Francis Corby, Art Lloyd
Editors: Bert Jordan, Louis McManus
Music: Balfe
Script: Alfred Bunn

Paulette Goddard as Gypsy Vagabond
Mae Busch as Mrs. Hardy
Thelma Todd as Gypsy Queen’s Daughter
Eddie Borden as Nobleman
Stan Laurel as Stan
Oliver Hardy as Ollie
James Finlayson as Captain Finn
Mitchell Lewis as Salinas
Leo Willis as Whipper in Torture Chamber
Darla Hood as Arline as a Child
Julie Bishop as Arline as an Adult
Antonio Moreno as Devilshoof