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Daddy Long Legs (TCF 1955, Leslie Caron, Fred Astaire)



In Daddy Long Legs globe-trotting playboy Fred Astaire spies a young woman living in an orphanage, and on impulse decides to anonymously sponsor her college education. The mystery of her benefactor’s identity fuels romantic speculation in the girl, and her letters fuel romantic speculation in Astaire. Leslie Caron may not be Astaire’s greatest partner, but she’s adorable and the score’s pleasant.

Actress Leslie Parrish made her screen debut in the movie but she may be best remembered for her role as the unlucky fiancee of Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate (1962).

Academy Award Nominations: 3, including Best Score; Best Song (‘Something’s Gotta Give’).

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 126 minutes | 1955

Director: Jean Negulesco
Producer: Samuel G. Engel
Cinematography: Leon Shamroy
Editor: William Reynolds
Music: Alfred Newman, Alex North
Script: Phoebe Ephron, Henry Ephron
Choreography: Fred Astaire, Roland Petit, David Robel

Leslie Parrish as College Girl (uncredited)
Fred Clark as Griggs
James Cromwell as Extra (uncredited)
Fred Astaire as Jervis Pendleton III
Thelma Ritter as Alicia Pritchard
Leslie Caron as Julie Andre
Terry Moore as Linda Pendleton
Charlotte Austin as Sally McBride
Larry Keating as Ambassador Alexander Williamson
Gertrude Astor as Art Gallery Patron (uncredited)
Barrie Chase as Blonde dancer (in “International Playboy”) (uncredited)
Lisa Montell as College Girl (uncredited)
Pat Sheehan as College Girl (uncredited)
Sara Shane as Pat
Evelyn Rudie as Codene, Orphan Girl
Liliane Montevecchi as College Girl
Diane Jergens as College Girl
Kathryn Givney as Gertrude Pendleton
Kelly Brown as Jimmy McBride
Ray Anthony as Himself
Ann Codee as Madame Sevanne