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Flame of the Barbary Coast (Republic 1945, John Wayne, Ann Dvorak)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

A cowboy competes with a gambling tycoon on the Barbary Coast for the hand of a beautiful dance-hall queen. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake shakes up the plot and provides the climax.

Flame of the Barbary Coast was Ann Dvorak’s first film in the United States after spending much of WWII in England with her husband, Leslie Fenton, where she made several films and aided the British by driving an ambulance.

production details
USA | Republic | 91 minutes | 1945
Director: Joseph Kane
Script: Borden Chase, Prescott Chaplin,

John Wayne as Duke Fergus
Eddie Acuff as Smokey, the Train Engineer (uncredited)
William Hoehne Jr. as Blond haired boy delivering beer (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg as Townsman
Paul Fix as Calico Jim
Bill Wolfe as Barfly in White Suit
Jack Gargan as Bartender
Ann Dvorak as Ann ‘Flaxen’ Tarry
Chuck Hamilton as Barfly
Larry Wheat as Barfly
Adele Mara as Marie (uncredited)
Joe Rickson as Dealer
Bud Osborne as Bartender
Frank Jaquet as Prominent Citizen
Jack Mulhall as Gambler (uncredited)
Marc Lawrence as Joe Disko, Gambler
William Halligan as Tom Buckman
Charles Sullivan as Calico Jim’s Bartender
Eddie Parker as Pedestrian
Frank Hagney as Morell Henchman (uncredited)
Pat McKee as Barfly
Hugh Prosser as Fred Mallen
Michael Jeffers as Whit Calverty
John Barton as Barfly
Joseph Schildkraut as Boss Tito Morell
William Frawley as Wolf Wylie
Virginia Grey as Rita Dane
Russell Hicks as Cyrus Danver, Owner San Francisco Star
Jack Norton as Byline Conners, Reporter San Francisco Star
Manart Kippen as Dr. Gorman
Eve Lynne as Martha, Morell’s Secretary
Butterfly McQueen as Beulah, Flaxen’s Maid
Rex Lease as Collingswood
Hank Bell as Hank
Al Murphy as Horseshoe Brown
Gino Corrado as Waiter (uncredited)
Kenne Duncan as Gambler (uncredited)
Bud Geary as Henchman (uncredited)
Doc Adams as Barfly
Melva Anstead as Dancehall Girl
Walter Bacon as Barfly
Frank Balderrama as Barfly
Edward Biby as Bill McGale
George Boyce as Specialty Dancer
Roy Butler as Telephone Man
James Carlisle as Barfly
Dorothy Christy as Mother Bronson
Edmund Cobb as Townsman
Russell Custer as Barfly
Stuart Hamblen as Jud McCone
Mahlon Hamilton as Mr. Santer
Patricia Knox as Dancehall Girl
Tom London as Thompson, Townsman in Mob
Charles Marsh as Speaker
Frankie Marvin as Cowboy
Frank McCarroll as Attendant
Philo McCullough as Gambler
William J. O’Brien as Waiter
Jack O’Shea as Barnes, the Dice Table Croupier
Victor Potel as Train Fireman
Bobbie Priest as Dancehall Girl
Beverly Reedy as Dancehall Girl
Arlyn Roberts as Dancehall Girl
Hector V. Sarno as Spectator at Dice Table
Lee Shumway as Casey
Larry Steers as Gambler
Emmett Vogan as Gleason, Rita’s Agent