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Just Married 2003, Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy)



This romantic comedy stars Ashton Kutcher as Tom Leezak and Britanny Murphy as Sarah McNerney. He’s a traffic reporter who defines the word ‘jock’ while she is a Beverly Hills rich girl. But they prove that opposites attract and begin an affair that leads to marriage and a romantic honeymoon in Europe.

But it doesn’t all go according to plan. The hotel in Venice has paper-thin walls, as their energetic lovemaking proves, their use of a marital aid fuses the lights of their de-luxe Alpine hotel and their hire car isn’t quite what they expected. And added into the mix is the arrival of her ex, Peter Prentiss (Christian Kane), who suddenly seems to be everything Tom’s not…

Director Shawn Levy brings to the film the same smart humour that enlivened Big Fat Liar and in Kutcher, the butt of accidents and misunderstandings and Murphy, who mixes sexy and suffering, the film captures the bitter-sweet procedure of really getting to know your loved one.

production details
USA | 95 minutes | 2003

Director: Shawn Levy
Script: Sam Harper

Ashton Kutcher as Tom Leezak
Brittany Murphy as Sarah McNerney
Christian Kane as Peter Prentiss
David Moscow as Kyle
Alex Thomas as Fred
Valeria Andrews as Wendy
Monet Mazur as Lauren
David Rasche as Mr. McNerney
Thad Luckinbill as Willie McNerney
David Agranov as Paul McNerney