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Reivers, The (National 1969, Steve McQueen)Reivers, The (National 1969, Steve McQueen)


Reivers, The (National 1969, Steve McQueen)



The Reivers, a turn-of-the-century adventure tale with nostalgic good humor was written by William Faulkner. The arrival of Will Geer’s new Winton automobile in a Mississippi town sets off a boisterous trip to Memphis when Geer’s son (Mitch Vogel), chauffeur (Steve McQueen), and a black relation (Rupert Crosse) borrow the car. While McQueen looks up an old acquaintance (Sharon Farrell) in a bordello and Vogel learns a little street wisdom, Crosse trades the car for a racehorse.

Juano Hernandez, who plays Uncle Possum in The Reivers, came to acting by a circuitous route, beginning as a boxer, performing with circuses, moving on to vaudeville, then working as a radio scriptwriter before winning his first stage roles.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Suppporting Actor: Rupert Crosse; Best Score.

production details
USA | National General | 106 minutes | 1969
Director: Mark Rydell
Script: Irving Ravetch, Harriet Frank Jr., William Faulkner,

Steve McQueen as Boon Hogganbeck
Diane Ladd as Phoebe
Vinnette Carroll as Aunt Callie
Ruth White as Miss Reba
Sharon Farrell as Corrie
Michael Constantine as Mr. Binford
Clifton James as Butch Lovemaiden
Mitch Vogel as Lucius
Rupert Crosse as Ned McCaslin
Ellen Geer as Sally
Juano Hernández as Uncle Possum
Lonny Chapman as Maury McCaslin
Allyn Ann McLerie as Alison
Charles Tyner as Edmonds
Burgess Meredith as Lucius / Narrator (voice)


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