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See No Evil (Columbia 1971, Mia Farrow, Dorothy Alison)



This variation on Wait Until Dark stars Mia Farrow as Sarah, a woman recently blinded in a horseback-riding accident who must use her wits to avoid a homicidal stalker. While recovering at the English home of her Uncle George (Robin Bailey), Sarah narrowly avoids being killed by a mysterious figure who enters the house and murders her Uncle’s family, and she must fight for her life when the killer returns.

See No Evil was filmed in England by Richard Fleischer. Farrow had moved to England shortly before making this film to marry fellow expatriate composer and conductor Andre Previn.

production details
UK | Columbia | 89 minutes | 1971

Director: Richard Fleischer
Producers: Basil Appleby, Leslie Linder, Martin Ransohoff
Director of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Editor: Thelma Connell
Composer: Elmer Bernstein
Script: Brian Clemens
Production Design: John Hoesli

Mia Farrow as Sarah
Dorothy Alison as Betty Rexton
Robin Bailey as George Rexton
Diane Grayson as Sandy Rexton
Brian Rawlinson as Barker
Norman Eshley as Steve Reding
Paul Nicholas as Jacko
Christopher Matthews as Frost
Michael Elphick as Gypsy Tom
Donald Bisset as Doctor
Lila Kaye as Gypsy Mother