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Theatre of Blood (1973, Vincent Price, Diana Rigg)



In the tongue in cheek horror Theatre of Blood Vincent Price portrays a Shakespearean actor who gets even with eight critics, who have all panned his performances, by killing them. His clever methods of disposal are re-creations of death scenes from the plays he has appeared in.

Diana Rigg plays his daughter. Price is perfectly cast as the demented thespian, and the fine supporting cast includes Robert Morley, Ian Hendry, Harry Andrews, Robert Coote, Jack Hawkins, Diana Dors, Milo O’Shea, Dennis Price, Eric Sykes, and Joan Hickson.

production details
UK | 104 minutes | 1973

Writer: Anthony Greville-Bell
Director: Douglas Hickox

Vincent Price as Edward Lionheart
Stanley Bates as Meths Drinker
Milo O’Shea as Inspector Boot
Diana Rigg as Edwina Lionheart
Ian Hendry as Peregrine Devlin
Robert Morley as Meredith Merridew
Joan Hickson as Mrs. Sprout
Dennis Price as Hector Snipe
Arthur Lowe as Horace Sprout
Tutte Lemkow as Meths Drinker
Renée Asherson as Mrs. Maxwell
Michael Hordern as George Maxwell
Harry Andrews as Trevor Dickman
Jack Hawkins as Solomon Psaltery
Bunny Reed as Policeman
Diana Dors as Maisie Psaltery
Coral Browne as Chloe Moon
Robert Coote as Oliver Larding
Madeline Smith as Rosemary
Peter Thornton as Policeman
Charles Sinnickson as Vicar
Brigid Erin Bates as Maid
Eric Francis as Meths Drinker
Sally Gilmore as Meths Drinker
John Gilpin as Meths Drinker
Joyce Graeme as Meths Drinker
Jack Maguire as Meths Drinker
Declan Mulholland as Meths Drinker
Charles Gray as Solomon Psaltery (voice) (uncredited)