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Tom, Dick and Harry (RKO 1941, Ginger Rogers, George Murphy)



In sparkling comedy Tom, Dick and Harry, directed by Garson Kanin, Ginger Rogers is a telephone operator who must choose from three attractive suitors. Will it be wealthy Alan Marshal, the charming nonconformist Burgess Meredith, or the earnest salesman George Murphy? She always dreamed of a millionaire but it’s the heart (and the kiss) of Meredith that wins.

Paul Jarrico, Oscar-nominated for writing Tom, Dick, and Harry, was uncredited on the film’s musical remake, The Girl Most Likely; he had been blacklisted in the interim. The Writers Guild of America has since restored his credit.

Film critic Otis Ferguson called it at the time ‘foot by foot the best made picture of this year.’

Remade in 1957 as The Girl Most Likely.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Original Screenplay.

production details
USA | RKO | 87 minutes | 1941
Director: Garson Kanin
Script: Paul Jarrico,

Sarah Edwards as Mrs. Burton
Alan Marshal as Dick
Ginger Rogers as Janie
George Murphy as Tom
Burgess Meredith as Harry
Lenore Lonergan as Butch
Joe Cunningham as Pop
Jane Seymour as Mom
Phil Silvers as Ice Cream Vendor
Betty Breckenridge as Gertrude
Vickie Lester as Paula
Bess Flowers as Dream Sequence Banquet Guest