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1984: Most Shocking Moments” Rewinds to a Pivotal Year on Channel 5 Saturday 13 January



Channel 5

Step back in time to the tumultuous year of 1984 with “1984: Most Shocking Moments,” a gripping retrospective airing on Channel 5 on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 10:00 pm. This special presentation revisits the most shocking and controversial moments that left an indelible mark on TV, music, showbiz, and politics.

In the world of entertainment, ground-breaking satirical and anarchic shows like Spitting Image and The Young Ones revolutionised comedy, sparking both admiration and ire from the establishment. The hysteria over video nasties reached a fever pitch among Conservative crusaders, while an attempt to silence pop sensation Frankie Goes to Hollywood backfired spectacularly.

The spotlight turned to celebrity relationships, witnessing unexpected unions involving a Rolling Stone and a Rocket Man. A former Beatle and his wife faced legal trouble over drugs. In politics, Margaret Thatcher engaged in a fierce battle with coal miners, the Tory party experienced a deadly terrorist attack in Brighton, and iconic British institutions—the pound note and O Levels—faced abolition, causing uproar.

Prince Charles stirred controversy with outspoken architectural opinions, sparking heated debates over the proposed extension for London’s National Gallery. In the U.S., amidst global fears of nuclear war, President Reagan’s ill-judged joke about bombing the Russians heightened tensions.


When Madonna made her racy live MTV debut, it sent shockwaves through the music industry. There was the terrifying and career-altering coach crash that Bucks Fizz endured, and Michael Jackson got serious burns while filming a soft drink commercial.

Television witnessed Doctor Who facing a new nemesis, a swearing shocker live on Kids TV, and the tragic passing of comedy legend Tommy Cooper in front of a massive audience. Narrated by Jan Leeming and featuring insights from actor and comedian John Thomson, singer Cheryl Baker, Thatcher impersonator Steve Nallon, former MPs Edwina Currie and Matthew Parris, along with political journalist Martin Bell, this retrospective promises to be an insightful journey through a pivotal year in history.

Don’t miss “1984: Most Shocking Moments” on Channel 5 at 10:00 pm as it revisits the events that shaped the cultural and political landscape of this unforgettable year.


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