Wildlife Rescue Episode 2, 25 April 2024, Channel 4

Channel 4

Wildlife Rescue returns to Channel 4 with its second episode on Thursday, 25 April, offering viewers an insightful look at the dedicated team of South Essex Wildlife Hospital. The series follows the daily challenges faced by the hospital’s staff as they work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals.

In this episode, the focus shifts to the dangers faced by wild animals that have adapted to living in close proximity to human populations. From badgers to birds, the team at South Essex Wildlife Hospital encounters a variety of creatures in need of urgent care.

The episode begins with a rescue mission in Leigh-on-Sea, where a badger named Rocky has found himself trapped under a fence. The team rushes to free Rocky and provide any necessary medical attention. Badgers are common in the UK, and while they have learned to live alongside humans, they still face various hazards in urban and suburban environments.

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Meanwhile, a unique rescue operation unfolds when a nest of orphaned great tit chicks is discovered in an unlikely location—an abandoned wall-mounted ashtray on an industrial site. The chicks, vulnerable and in need of immediate care, are carefully extracted from their precarious perch and brought to the hospital.

Lewis, a young fox cub, also finds himself in a precarious situation. He has managed to get his head stuck in an old, rusty wheel. The team must act quickly to free him, and subsequent X-rays reveal a more concerning underlying issue that may impact his ability to return to the wild.

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As these rescue missions unfold, viewers will gain insight into the dedication and expertise of the South Essex Wildlife Hospital team. Each animal presents its own set of challenges, and the team’s unwavering commitment to saving lives becomes evident.

Don’t miss the second episode of Wildlife Rescue on Channel 4 at 8.00 pm on Thursday, 25 April 2024, for an uplifting and informative glimpse into the world of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

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