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John Wentworth



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English character player John Wentworth was best known for his long running role as Henry Castleton on ITV drama The Main Chance. He was a TV regular throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. He’s a classic example of an unsung TV actor. Lots of small roles in well known series without ever taking the lead, usually as someone in a position of authority or business.

Wentworth was born 7 June 1909 in Reading, England and he died in 1989 in Dorset, England.


1949: Two Dozen Red Roses (Play) as Alberto Verani
1949: Mountain Air (Play) as Dr Johann Hubermann
1957: Theatre Night: The Happiest Millionaire as John Lawless
1958: Duty Bound: The Girl Who Took The Wrong Turning as Doctor Cannon
1958: Love From A Stranger (Play) as Dr Gribble
1958: ITV Television Playhouse: The Heat of the Evening as Prosecuting Council
1959: World Theatre: Volpone as Sir Politick Would-be
1959: World Theatre: Julius Caesar as Meellus Cimber
1959: No Hiding Place: No Wreath for Clive as Inspector
1960: Deadline Midnight Season 1 Episode 3 as Sir William Roe
1960: Probation Officer Season 1 Episode 37 as Colonel Stamp
1960: On Trial: The Tichborne Case as Colonel Norbury
1960: Boyd QC: The Time of Day as Dr Spiller
1960: ITV Play of the Week: The Upstart as Sir Jasper Mottram
1960: No Hiding Place: Victim of the Dark as Dr Harvey
1960: No Hiding Place: A Very Respectable Man as Ex-Chief Supt Parsons
1961: Boyd QC: The Runabout as Mr Ewen
1961: Probation Officer: Season 3 Episode 10 as Mr Thorpe
1961: The Dickie Henderson Show: The Camp
1961: ITV Play of the Week: The Poisoned Earth
1961: ITV Play of the Week: The Whisperers as Doctor
1961: No Hiding Place: Payment in Kind as Forester
1962: Top Secret: The Man From Carataz as Don Enrique Broca
1962: The Odd Man: The Circular Escape as Preece Sr
1962: ITV Play of the Week: A Matter of Principle as Pollock
1962: BBC Sunday Night Play: Six Men of Dorset as Mr Robert Owen
1962: Wednesday’s Child (Play) as Cynthia’s Husband
1963: Suspense: The Honest Man as Solicitor
1963: Ghost Squad: The Thirteenth Girl as Mr Whitehead
1963: ITV Television Playhouse: Mr Pickwick as Mr Wardle
1963: The Plane Makers: Loved He Not Honours More as Mr Telliter
1963: Dixon of Dock Green: A Woman Named Julie as Colonel Milson
1963: Emergency Ward 10 Episode 596 as Dr Dee
1963: The Avengers: Six Hands Across A Table as Sir Charles Reniston
1964: The Saint: Sophia as Professor Hamish Grant
1964: Story Parade: The Caves of Steel as Dr Fastolfe
1964: Our Man at St Marks: Smoke Without Fire as The Bishop
1964: Love Story: In Loving Memory as Harry
1964: Sergeant Cork: The Case of the Wounded Warder as Major Manning
1964: No Hiding Place: Hanging by a Thread as Rawlins
1964: The Massingham Affair (Series) as Colonel Deverel
1964: The Plane Makers: Empires Have to Start Somewhere as Bill Ryan
1964: Count of Monte Cristo (Series) as The Abbe Faria
1964: East Lynne (Play) as Lord Mount Servern
1964: Crossroads (Series) as Roland Hislop
1964: The Human Jungle: Skeleton in the Cupboard as Sir Humphrey
1964: Mike: What A Motley Lot as Robin Smyth Hampton
1965: Front Page Story: The Public Interest as Foster
1965: BBC Play of the Month: Passage to India as Major Callandar
1965: Drama 65: The Vanishing Trick as Captain Brownlow
1965: Contract to Kill (Series) as Herr Kitzner
1965: Undermind: Song of Death as Dr Spring
1965: Heiress of Garth (Series) as Sir Charles Woosenham
1965: Dixon of Dock Green: Unlawful Possession as Mr Adams
1965: The Avengers: The Master Minds as Sir Jeremy
1965: Hereward the Wake (Series) as Abbot Brand
1966: The Spies: The Trouble With Aristotle as General Pikrou
1966: Emergency Ward 10 Episode 907 as Sir Malcolm Broadley
1966: Ransom for a Pretty Girl (Series) as Jacques
1966: The Newcomers Episode 122 as Curtis
1966: The Wednesday Play: The Connoisseur as Peter Benson
1966: Out of the Unknown: The Eye as Stevens
1967: BBC Play of the Month: The Cabinet Papers as Prime Minister
1967: The Newcomers Episode 152 as Broderick
1967: Mogul: Long Knives Cut Deep as Sir Richard Costello
1967: Boy Meets Girl: Fight of the Kingfisher as Mr Musgrove
1967: Angel Pavement (Series) as Mr Pearson
1968: The Prisoner: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling as Sir Charles
1968: Softly Softly: Complaint as Mr Jenkins
1968: Point Counter Point (Series) as Sidney Quarles
1968: Detective: A Man and his Mother-in-Law as Chief Inspector Karslake
1968: The First Lady: Print and Be Damned as Sir William Froude
1969: Callan (Series) as Sir Michael Harvey then Sir John Harvey
1969-1975: The Main Chance (Series) as Henry Castleton
1970: Menace: Man With A Mission as Minister of State
1970: Germinal (Series) as Monsieur Gregoire
1970: The Wednesday Play: Sovereign’s Company as General Decamps
1971: The Last of the Mohicans (Series) as Tamenund
1971: Bel Ami (Series) as Comte de Vaudrec
1971: Out of the Unknown: The Shattered Eye as Barton
1971: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Witness Sensation as Thaxted
1971: The Search for the Nile: The Great Debate
1972: The Dick Emery Show Season 11 Episode 6
1973: The Edwardians: Lloyd George as Prime Minister
1973: Menace: Valentine as Gourtay
1973: The Best of Dick Emery
1974: Barlow: Corruption as Sir Norman Duggan
1974: Z Cars: Rota as Dr Roche
1974: Marked Personal Episodes 61 and 62 as Dr Moffatt
1974: The Onedin Line: Port Out, Starboard Home as Mr Wallace
1976: Ripping Yarns: Tomkinson’s Schooldays as Chaplain
1976: Shades of Greene: A Chance for Mr Lever as Besterman
1976: The Glittering Prizes: An Early Life as Henry Davidson
1976: Killers: The Blazing Car Murder as Colonel Cuthbert Buckle
1979: Jackanory Playhouse: The Portrait as Priest
1978: Kidnapped: Uncle Ebenezer as Captain
1979: BBC2 Playhouse: Speed King as Lord Wakefield
1979-1980: The Onedin Line (Series) as Dawkins
1980: The Dick Emery Show Season 18 Episode 3
1983: Number 10: The Asquiths as Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
1983: A Married Man (Series) as Sir Christopher Gerrard
1983: The Blue Dress (Play) as Clergyman
1984: Amy (Play) as Lord Wakefield


1963: The Scales of Justice: The Invisible Asset as Registrar
1969: The Last Shot You Hear as Chambers
1969: The Oblong Box as Parson