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Doctor Who – Series Four Volume Four



BBC DVD / Region 4

Featuring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman, Billie Piper

The fourth season of the best show on TV comes to an explosive climax in this fourth collection of episodes released this month by BBC DVD and what a thrill fest it is, tying up lots of loose ends and definitely leaving us wanting more. Turn Left opens up precedings and is very much a two hander between Donna and Rose, writer and series head honcho Russell T. Davies gives us a nice central conceit of what would have happened if Donna never met the Doctor, well apparently the whole world would have been in danger of exploding, luckily though Rose in on the scene to get through to Donna and by the end of the episode things are (mostly) back to normal.

The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End is the big two part season finale and sees Doctor-Donna arriving on Earth on a nice Saturday morning only to have the whole planet (along with 26 others) disappear on them. It soon becomes apparant that this is yet another devious plot by The Daleks, who are hellbent on taking over the universe once again. With the doctor seemingly out of action it is up to companions and friends, both past and present, in the shape of Captain Jack and much of the Torchwood team, Rose and Martha, Sarah Jane and even prime minister Harriet Jones to pull together and combat the Dalek menace. Without revealing too much in the way of spoilers, this is satisfying stuff indeed.

Davies has all the stops very much pulled out here, this trio of episodes deserves to be watched in one mammoth sitting, as Davies pulls together a huge amount of stuff that has previously been set in motion and definitely something to keep us going until the Christmas special. Don’t miss this.