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Alias Smith and Jones (ABC 1971-1973, Ben Murphy, Pete Duel)



Western comedy drama series. Wanted outlaws Jed Curry and Hannibal Heyes are desperate to go straight, they are granted an amnesty by the Governor of Kansas but only if they can stay out of trouble for a whole year, and the deal has to remain secret.

The pair are forced to take aliases, Curry as Thaddeus Jones and Heyes as Joshua Smith, as they try their best to keep out of trouble for a year. Meanwhile Detective Harry Briscoe is on their trail determined to bring them to justice.

Pete Duel who played Hannibal Heyes committed suicide halfway through the series run apparantly unable to cope with the success of the series. The series, however, carried on with Duel simply being replaced by Roger Davis who in the first season voiced the opening narration which explained the premise behind the series, Ralph Story took over as the narrator for the years 1972-73.

production details
USA / ABC – Universal / 1×90 minutes 49×50 minutes / Broadcast 21 January 1971 – 13 January 1973

Creator and Producer: Glen A. Larson
Music: Billy Goldenburg
Executive Producer: Roy Huggins

Ben Murphy as Jed ‘Kid’ Curry
Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes (1971-72)
Roger Davis as Hannibal Heyes (1972-73)



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