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Amazing Howard Hughes, The (EMI 1977, Tommy Lee Jones, Ed Flanders)



Mini Series The Amazing Howard Hughes told of the life of extremely eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes from his film years (Jane Russell in the Outlaw etc) to his Aviation experiments and to his final descent into isolated paranoia.

Tommy Lee Jones as Howard Hughes
Ed Flanders as Noah Dietrich
James Hampton as Wilbur Peterson
Tovah Feldshuh as Katharine Hepburn
Lee Purcell as Billie Dove
Jim Antonio as George
Sorrell Booke as Fiorello LaGuardia
Marty Brill as Lewis Milestone
Marla Carlis as Jane Russell
Lee de Broux as Jimmy
Roy Engel as Production Manager
Arthur Franz as Barnes
Denise Galik as Shirley Whitehead
Howard Hesseman as Jenks
Tannis G. Montgomery as Mrs. Hughes

crew details
Writer: John Gay
Executive Producer: Roger Gimbel
Producer: Herbert Hirschman
Music: Laurence Rosenthal
Director: William A. Graham

production details
Country: USA
Studio: EMI – Roger Gimbel
Duration: 2×96 minute episodes
Aired From: 1977