Bugs (BBC Spy Drama, Jesse Birdsall, Jaye Griffiths)

Tapping into our obsession with all things spying and gadgetry mid to late 90’s action adventure series Bugs attempted to go for an Avengers/ITC type vibe (even bringing in the legendary Brian Clemens as story associate) with it’s stories of three secret agents. Like Doctor Who managed to do in spectacular style in recent years Bugs attempted (and sometimes succeeded) to bring telefantasy back to prime time Saturday evening TV.

The trio was nominal leader Mick Beckett (Jesse Birdsall), computer expert Ros Henderson (Jaye Griffiths) and tough guy Ed (Craig McLachlan). In best super hero style the trio tangle with all manner of bad guys hellbent on world domination. Like The Avengers the series was set in a kind of every England although London (never named) is clearly the main location.

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Aussie actor Craig McLachlan initially played Ed but he departed after a couple of seasons and was replaced by Steven Houghton. Towards the end of the shows run the trio began working for a new department called The Bureau and had to answer to new boss Jan.

The series worked best when it focused on the action unfortunately as the show neared the end of it’s run there was more of an emphasis placed on the personal lives of the team.

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The final three episodes of the fourth season were broadcast almost a year after the others in that season. These were billed as being part of a new season but were definitely not.

Cast: Jesse Birdsall as Nick Beckett; Jaye Griffifths as Ros Henderson; Craig McLachlan as Ed (seasons 1-3); Steven Houghton as Ed (season 4); Jan Harvey as Jan (seasons 3-4); Paula Hunt as Alex (seasons 3-4)

Theme Music: Gavin Greenaway / Producer: Brian Eastman / Executive Producers: Caroline Oulton (seasons 1-3), Tony Dennis (season 4)

UK / BBC One – Carnival / 40×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1 April 1995 – 28 August 1999

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