Dark Side of the Sun (BBC Thriller, Peter Egan, Emily Richard)

Paranormal drama serial Dark Side of the Sun began with famed photojournalist Don Tierney (Patrick Mower) being killed whilst on Rhodes taking pictures for a forthcoming book. His wife Anne (Emily Richard), also a photographer, travels to the island herself to try and get some closure on his death and also finish his book.

She is soon drawn into the strange world of the super rich Raoul Lavalliere (Peter Egan) who owns the lavish medieval “Kastello” (aka castle) on the island.

Helped by the scholar David Bascombe (Christopher Scoular) and psychiatrist Ismini Christoyannis Betty Arvaniti), Anne slowly begins to realise that something highly sinister is going on with Raoul and that her life is in grave danger.

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Another typically brilliant production from Michael J. Bird, great idea to get big name Patrick Mower in and then shock us with his death in the first episode, although he does remain a ghostly presence throughout the series. Once again, as in The Aphrodite Inheritance, the supernatural and ancient myths elements are very much to the fore.

Cast: Peter Egan as Raoul Lavalliere; Patrick Mower as Don Tierney; Emily Richard as Anne Tierney; Christopher Scoular as David Bascombe; Betty Arvaniti as Ismini Christoyannis; Michael Sheard as Von Reitz; Mark Barratt as Bodyguard Max; Dimitri Andreas as Andreas Seferis; Brian Attree as Bodyguard Simon

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Writer: Michael J. Bird / Music: Stavros Xarhakos / Producer: Vere Lorrimer / Director: David Askey

UK / BBC One / 6×55 minute episodes / Broadcast 13 September – 18 October 1983

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