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The Rack Pack (BBC Drama, Luke Treadaway)



The Rack Pack BBC Drama, Luke Treadaway

Period comedy drama The Rack Pack was the story of how in the early 1980’s the world snooker championships transfixed the nation and made unlikely superstars of players like Steve “The Nugget” Davis (Will Merrick) and Alex “Hurricane” Higgins (Luke Treadaway).

The drama itself focuses on the rivalry between Davis and Higgins as well as figures such as nearly man Jimmy White (James Bailey) – probably the most naturally gifted player in the game but destined to never win a world championship.

The Rack Pack was the first ever comedy drama feature made directly for iPlayer.

Cast: Luke Treadaway as Alex Higgins; Will Merrick as Steve Davis; Nichola Burley as Lynn Higgins; Kevin Bishop as Barry Hearn; James Bailey as Jimmy White

Writers: Shaun Pye, Mark Chappell, Alan Connor / Producer: Barney Reisz / Executive Producer: Peter Holmes / Director: Brian Welsh

UK / BBC iPlayer – Zeppotron / First available Sunday 17 January 2016 at 9.00pm