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Game On (BBC-2 1995-1998, Ben Chaplin, Samantha Janus)



Sitcom Game On was about a pair of twentysomethings, the sexy Mandy Wilkins and the nerdish Martin Henson who shared the flat (Flat 7, 23 Wellington Road) of fellow twentysomething and agoraphobic Matthew Malone.

Mandy is very much a ‘modern’ girl with a degree and plenty of ambition. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much luck when it comes to finding decent jobs. Martin is very naive and has no luck with women although he does eventually get a girlfriend. Meanwhile Matthew is a complete agoraphobic.

Ben Chaplin left the programme after the first series after making a big impact in US film The Truth About Cat and Dogs. Neil Stuke then took over as Matthew.

Game On

Ben Chaplin (centre) as the original version of Matthew.

production details
UK / BBC Two – Hatrick / 18×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 27 February 1995 – 6 February 1998

Writers: Andrew Davies, Bernadette Davis / Theme Tune: Where I Find My Heaven by the Gigolo Aunts / Producer: Geoffrey Perkins

Ben Chaplin as Matthew Malone (series 1)
Neil Stuke as Matthew Malone (series 2 & 3)
Matthew Cottle as Martin Henderson
Samantha Janus as Mandy Wilkins
Tracy Keating as Clare Monohan (series 2 & 3)
Crispin Bonham-Carter as Archie (series 3)