Glasgow Kiss (BBC 2007, Iain Glen, Sharon Small)

Iain Glen and Sharon Small light up the screen in a sexy, sharply written love story for grown-ups – proving that love is never simple. Cara’s career brings her home to Glasgow where old loves and strained relationships are waiting for her. Sports journalist Stuart is a widower and father trying to make ends meet, living in his memories and afraid to let go.

Their worlds collide when Cara is recruited to cut costs – and employees – at the evening newspaper where Stuart has worked for years. The death of his wife and caring for his five-year-old son have taken their toll on Stuart. But as he goes through the motions, a fervent desire to write a book burns within him.

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Now on the verge of a promising romance, family conflicts coupled with clashing ambitions set off a whirlwind of ups and downs, expectations and disappointments. And when Stuart is forced to resign following Cara’s restructure plans for the newspaper – their love is put to the test. Will Cara follow her heart or her head? Can Stuart leave the past behind him and look forward to a future with Cara?

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production details
UK | BBC One – Wall to Wall | 6×50 minutes | Broadcast 25 July – 29 August 2000 Tuesdays 9.30pm

Producer: Jane Featherstone
Costume: Rhona Russell
Music: Adrian Johnston
Production Design: Jacqueline Smith
Camera: Walter McGill
Executive producers: Jane Harris, Gina Cronk

IAIN GLEN as Stuart Morrison
SHARON SMALL as Cara Rossi
RUTH MILLAR as Jess Rossi
GORDON KENNEDY as Ewan Somerville
JAMES LARKIN as Nick Simpson
NEIL McKINVEN as Dominic Demarco

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