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Hack (CBS 2002, David Morse, Andre Braugher)



In Hack Mike Olshansky (David Morse) used to be a Philadelphia cop, but threw his career away after getting caught taking money from a narcotics crime scene. Not only that, he also lost his family including wife Heather (Donna Murphy). Driven out of the force, Mike now drives a cab through the city streets and helps his fares deal with their own personal and criminal problems in each episode. With the help of former partner Marcellus Washington (Andre Braugher), Liz Garza (Jacqueline Torres), a former nun turned probation officer, and Jamie Farrell (Matt Czuchry), a young conman trying to go straight, Mike seeks redemption at every turn.

Memorable moment: In the episode Domestic Disturbance, Mike helps a wife and her daughter who are dealing with abuse from her cop husband. Mike soon discovers there are parallels with his own life and vows to make up for his past behaviour to wife Heather. However, when Mike sets a trap to discover the truth about the cop’s abuse, he finds the truth is not always what it seems.

Trivia: A statue of the author Charles Dickens can be seen across from the District Health Centre that stands in for the detective bureau in Philadelphia. Dickens is seen posing with one of his characters, Little Nell, and it is the only statue of its kind in the world. Film fans will recognise David Morse from the classic jail drama The Green Mile in which he starred as Brutal, a death row warder.

production details
USA / CBS / 40×50 minutes / 2002-2003

Writers: David Koepp,

David Morse as Mike Olshansky
Andre Braugher as Marcellus Washington
Matt Czuchry as Jamie Farrell
Jacqueline Torres as Liz Garza
Donna Murphy as Heather


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