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Intruders (CBS 1992, Richard Crenna, Mare Winningham)



Scifi Thriller serial. Dr Neil Chase, a psychiatrist, investigates when two women, Lesley Hahn and Mary Wilkes, come to him claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

production details
USA | CBS – Osiris Films – Dan Curtis Prod. | 2×120 minutes | Broadcast 17 – 19 May 1992

Writers: Barry Oringeri, Tracy Torme
Book: Build Hopkins
Producer: Branko Lustig
Director: Dan Curtis

Richard Crenna as Dr. Neil Chase
Mare Winningham as Mary Wilkes
Susan Blakely as Leigh Holland
Daphne Ashbrook as Lesley Hahn
Alan Autry as Joe Wilkes
Ben Vereen as Gene Randall
Steven Berkoff as Addison Leach
Jason Beghe as Ray Brooks
Joseph Cousins as Timmy Wilkes
Christian Cousins as Timmy Wilkes
Lorry Goldman as Dr. Allan Terracello
Rosalind Chao as Dr. Jenny Sakai
Robert Mandan as Dr. Stanley Epstein
Warren Frost as Dr. Holman
G.D. Spradlin as General Hanley